Alterations-all that you need to know for that ultimate look

Yes, we do, we are one of the only boutiques around to offer this aftercare via our independent seamstress who visits the boutique weekly.

The vast majority of our customers require a fitting service to achieve the ultimate look! All occasion wear dresses usually require some alteration to areas such as length, straps, bust cups and sometimes areas to be taken in.

Once you have collected your dream dress and we have checked the initial fit you will be invited to book in for this service. You will need the exact shoes you plan to wear with your dress.

For the alteration service you will need a minimum of two fittings, although it isn’t unusual for some to require 3-4 fittings in total, so it’s vital that you allow time for this to be carried out and ensure the person wearing the dress is available to attend all appointments bringing their exact shoes that they plan to wear with their dress.

The price for fittings depends on the work being carried out, our prom package doesn’t usually exceed £70 for the full service and is often less, the exact price is given at your first fitting to ensure you are happy and is paid directly to the seamstress once all of the work is complete. You will not pay any more if it does turn out that you do need additional fitting appointments.

Our fittings service is always very popular and is subject to availability. It is therefore provided on a first come first served service and bookable at your collection appointment.

Although most customers prefer to use this service you don’t have to and if you prefer can take your dress elsewhere to be altered.

Absolutely! We keep a strict list of all dresses purchased and only sell one of each style code to each event-we don’t even sell the dress in a different colour! We are able to do this as we are one of the biggest retailers around, stocking a wide variety of amazing styles, with so much choice.

We can’t however promise that someone attending the same event cannot purchase the same dress from another retailer-this is the case wherever you buy from, no retailer can give you this guarantee.

We sure do. When you purchase your dream dress with us you would usually pay an initial payment to secure the order, you can then spread the remaining balance via a payment plan agreed at your time of purchase or pay your balance when your dress arrives with us in the studio.

We usually allocate each fitting room for around 1.5 hours, however some people know exactly what they are looking for and don’t need quite so long, others may not yet know their perfect look and take a little longer-either works for us babe-we never rush our customers!

We hopefully cover all budgets with our main order in collection range from £220 and going up to £660 for our very intricately detailed gowns. We also have some amazing off the peg gowns from £80.